Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Nimoy; Timothy Leary; The Sexy Beast

Apologies. I'm falling behind in keeping up with posts. If any of you are still paying attention, I've been trying to keep up with posting the PREVIOUS day's entries. I'm a lazy bastard, without the aid of motivation-stealing chemicals.

I fell asleep last night watching Original Series Star Trek. It was 'The Changeling.' Y'know, the episode with Nomad: the floating AI space probe. He kept saying 'I AM NOMAD!' And then Spock mind-melded with him, and then he was saying 'WE ARE NOMAD!' Hilarity. How could Leonard Nimoy keep a straight face?

I had a great, extended conversation with my tall Irish friend. We agreed that all you people should take psychadelic drugs at least once (if you never have) and more often (if you have). You people who consider themselves relatively self-aware and critical may gain quite a bit of insight from looking into those parts of your sub-conscious that you keep repressed, like jamming the toilet plunger down in the bowl to try to get that huge sewer rat back down into the drain. Some of you less stable personalities may want to proceed with caution, as you may end up burnt out, constantly thinking that you are a glass of orange juice; warning everyone around you no to "spill you."

I know what some of you are thinking: why are you advocating breaking the law? Well, I should take this time to quote the great Mahatma Ghandi (or at least the Academy Award-winning movie starring Ben Kingsley): 'There ARE unjust laws.' An activity being illegal isn't a compelling reason to NOT do something, just a good indicator of performing that activity with caution and adequate forethought.

And also: Shut up you prude!

And with that I bow, curtsey and make a mad dash for the fridge.


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