Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Doldrums

Another day of feverish nothingness followed by fervant work. I think my new pixelpushin' job works out well with my routine. The spurious moments of heightened adrenaline when the telemarketers call seem the pass the time away. I think I like talking to the foreigners better than the Americans. The Americans get more easily annoyed at my attempts to dodge their offers and keep them on the phone as long as possible. The foreigners, however, I suspect cannot tell the difference between talkativeness and malicious evasion. But, I surmise they get paid whether or not you sign up for their health care plan or not. It is really too bad that this apartment is on the Do Not Call list, I ever so much enjoy talking with those poor sods.

These days seem as if they are a game of waiting. I've been waiting for my goddamn replacement contact lenses for 3 weeks now. Also, my external harddrive seems to be putting it's way along here. Life IS a game of waiting. But no longer (or for this month at least) I am able to obliterate those stagnant moments with a little gaseous (or liquid) temporal acceleration. I must move back to other, older distractions such as Street Fighter 2. As you can see, I've placed my hiscore at the top of the page. I challenge ANY of you fools to try and beat my score: original SF2 ("The World Warrior) on one quarter, arcade only. And, for all you cheating kids, one can tell if you try and put multiple quarters in the game, it adds digits to the last two numbers. That being said, you could put in one hundred quarters, but at that point, it would be stupid. I dare ya! Pussies!


At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Sir Richard Cranium said...

Funny that in order to avoid one addiction you are reverting back to another. Funny not becuz it's ironic, maybe unhealthy, but becuz I TOO went straight back to the vids during my attempts to quit filling my veins with bitter sweet nicotine.

and as for the SF2 challenge...just wait till i get some free time. The first thing I'm buying is the Street Fighter anniversary thingee that just got released on XBOX. LIVE MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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