Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Lord's Day

Today has been one of rest and reflection. Despite the constant attack, on all sides, by drinking foes, I still haven't truly caved.

I started the day off displaced and at the whim and mercy of my captors. Being without access to a car in Los Angeles is quite like being without a sherpa in the Andes. But, I am fortunate to have such generous friends.

Particularly compelling was the revelation that I got today, probably from decoding all of the insanity that happened the night before. I spent a short period of time with a couple; newly minted in the grand scheme of things. Of course, I'd had some time already to develop an opinion on the subject, but now I'd say that solidified. My conclusion was that I don't think I'd ever seen such an harmonious pairing as this. And, notwithstanding some kind of major tragedy, it felt like they could really keep it together forever. When talking to them about the mistakes and misfortunes of others' relationships, I am given the overwhelming sense that they may be past all that nonsense. I was so encouraged and charged up by these ruminations because it also made me so very hopeful about my own situation.

The rest of the evening I was preparing to make dinner for a small group of folks, followed by a movie. I chose 'The Breakfast Club.' I felt it necessary to comment on the aforementioned movie because it illustrates one very important fact: the destruction of class barriers and social resentment are eventually destroyed by what??? You guessed it: marijuana. Important social commentary; you heard it here first.


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