Friday, March 04, 2005

The Beginning of the End of the Beginning

Alas, the dreaded weekend is upon us. And perhaps the cruelest temptation awaits within the seemingly abysmal period of idle time allowed. I've even elected to work tomorrow morning in an attempt to combat these doldrums. I think I may need a hobby. Base jumping? Underwater CTR training? Faith healing? I feel quite listless. Unfocused. It's quite an irony that the absence of substances of are meant to dull and drown the senses can have such an effect.

Don't worry all you folks out there in TV Land, I'm safe from any real harm. I'm not about to fall off the wagon. If anything, I'm more likely to tether myself, jump off the wagon, and drag myself along the ground behind the wagon ala Indiana Jones. In some ways it would be much easier if I were to commit to NEVER drinking or smoking again, then I wouldn't have the thought of "This behavior is OK, just not now." If there is one thing that I have been throughout my life it's impulsive. So, if I'm likely to open a Christmas present early or spend some earmarked cash, I can nearly always find a decent rationalization.

Yes, yes. My suffering continues. Line up and take sadistic pleasure you fools! It's like reality television! WWWOOOO WEEE!


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