Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Devil's Due Diligence

Well, it didn't take long. Three days to be exact. After I got back from pixelpushing today, I had the strong and uncontrollable urge to spark up. My brain felt burnt, 'geeked' as we would call it in the Shadowrun universe. The Devil's tongue was seductively caressing my ear. I still have this "special" package to my sister (upon which I'm sitting until it can be sent to her while she is at home to receive it) in front of me... taunting... beckoning. After dismissing the initial uncontrollable urge, I decided to walk down to the Mexican market and grab myself a soda. And, of course, pass by the apartment building that constantly smells like weed. The walk was enough to clear my head and cast aside the craving. It was, however, an incredibly potent feeling. It leaves no doubt that I relate relaxation to imbibing in the Green Lady. This will need to whip this association out of me.

A conversation with my Punk Rock Catholic coworker of mine lead me to, yet again, another embarassing coincidence about the timing of my abstinence. The ritual of self-denial and ascetic moderation lines up quite nicely with lent. Obselete and manipulative religious practices are what I LEAST want to be associated with. I certainly don't want to be mistaken for a... [gasp]... CATHOLIC! The most lowly, servile and superstitious of the major Christian sects. Also, that whole contraceptive thing... forget about it! (For all you diehard Catholics out there: don't be upset, y'know, you gotta be able to laugh at yourself, right?)

As to Sir Richard Cranium: If you are intent to having a "March of Intoxication" to balance out my prohibition, at this very moment you better be drunk, high, already popped and few vicadin and preparing to lick multiple toads. You and I both have a great deal of work to do. Happy Birthday Dickhead!

I must sign off now... and attempt to combat the mercilous temptations of the most fowl Beezelbub. All of you silly Catholics, and any other delusional deists, pray for my troubled soul.


At 3:31 PM, Anonymous Sir Richard Cranium said...

If only I had been keeping up with these posts, I could have been commenting all along. As for the March of Intoxication, it never came to be. Why? Cuz I was high and drunk. HA!

But i will say, reading all of these at once is perhaps even more enjoyable than going day by day. This is proabably the reason I never get into comics when they're currently being written. i am an american whore. If I can't go get the next transmet when I want it, then fuck it...

Today is the 22nd of march, I am bored. It is 3:30 in the afternoon which leaves me with 2 and a half hours of sitting here, rotting away my brain with occasional visits to consumptionjunction for quick fixes of porn and gore. This is a much better alternative. This is fractured thing email I post did getting bored again


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