Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Creeping Death (of my self-restraint)

Little pangs of temptation keep hitting me, but this is really no surprise. It most often happens when I am stagnant; doing nothing at home, waiting for the time to the pass. In a way I'm glad they're still there. What if I got through this and DIDN'T WANT TO SMOKE ANYMORE? That would be a goddamned tragedy.

Much talk has been thrown around about St. Patrick's Day. It draws quite near. Although, I didn't want to make this prohibition exclude myself from social situations, this is an exception. My friends' sole motivation behind the holiday is to get krunked. Once the second and third beers go down their collective imperatives will be to get me to break my restrictions. So, I'll remove myself from the situation. No word yet on what I'll be doing instead. Maybe stay home and drink O'Douls.

I'm near the halfway point in this tumultuous journey. Although I still can't see the finish line. I'm blinded by sobriety.

By the way, The Daily Show may be the only television program worth watching these days. Think of that when you're glued to the T.V. watching the OC and having their will to live syphoned out by corporate advertisements.


At 4:27 PM, Anonymous Sir Richard Cranium said...

oh,oh, oh i know when yr ripping on tv yr not including Point Pleasant.

Being the duaghter of satan is a total turn on...


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