Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Anxiety Descending...

Again, a thousand apologies for the absence of frequent posts. I've been wearing down the last few days with plenty of work before my jaunt to Washington State. I'll break my back now, for earthly gains later. I don't mean that I'll literally break my back, if anything, doing this job, I'd break my wrists... and NO my job isn't being paid to masturbate.

As my trusted friend John could attest to, I showed signs of wavering this weekend; nearly having a beer at a bar. But, last weekend, like the previous 4 (or is it 3?), there were always temptations like that. The weekends were the worst. Intoxication is the favored goal of weekend endeavors. For how many millennia has that been true? As far as we know, fermented plant matter has been the drug of choice throughout civilization (at least WESTERN civilization). How long has this wicked cycle of toil and binge been replaying itself? Am I not just the inevitable by-product of such a mad course of consumption: the sober outsider? Just as Batman has his Joker and George Bush has his International Public Opinion, I have my undulating heards of drunken weekenders.

Enough rabble... the clocks ticks, and DESTINY awaits!


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