Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Total Slacker -- Mea Culpa

For anyone who may have had the inclination to actually come back and check this blog for a daily update... SUCKERS!!!

In all seriousness, I found that my situation differs greatly from 2005, in many ways:

  1. I'm not living as a bachelor in L.A.; the hobo paradise full of fellow hobos who loved the pursuit of oblivion as much as I do.
  2. My intake of intoxicates is more moderated by living with Cameron.
  3. I'm five years older, and hopefully wiser.
  4. My life is filled with more obligations, and I have clearer goals as to what I want to achieve in the next few weeks and months.
So, it's different. But it's still a battle with denying your impulses and interrupting habits. I implore anyone to occasionally choose one of your habits and go without. It's an extremely personal and elucidating experience.

But, just as in 2005, I used my free cycles to bone up on my Street Fighter score. And, you might be pleased to know that, pending official confirmation at Twin Galaxies, I have conquered the world record for Points - Tournament settings! Woooo weee!

My biggest problem is my complacency and follow-through. Perhaps this will be the start of a more productive era.


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